Why Organizations must go for Software Asset Management?

It is never easy to keep an eye on each and every software or application that is used within the organization. In fact, as deployment assignments pile up, IT staff gets less time to perform an all-inclusive audit of various applications. In such a situation, auditing various applications running enterprise-wide becomes unmanageable for the administrator. Since, importance of software license auditing cannot be ignored for various security and regulatory reasons, it becomes very essential for organization to employ a prudent software asset management system. In fact, well managed software licenses not only provide a quick overview of software installed on each computer but also help the organization to comply with various security regulations. 

Through the proper use of software asset management tool, an organization can have a decent idea about the software assets it owns. In fact, an effective software asset management program can help the organization in reducing software licensing and maintenance expenditures by 20 to 30 percent. 

Today, the market offers various software asset management tools therefore, sensible selection is very essential to have expected results. Lepide Software Asset Management is one such effective tool that can help IT administrator to maintain a proper software asset management system. Also, this software is suitable to avoid download or installation of illegal software's or applications.
These days, periodic tracking and inspection of software and hardware assets has become vital to assure security compliance status. With this software, IT staff can perform a check thorough scanning of the complete network and locate illegal or unlicensed software's. 

Lepide Asset Management software is very useful to perform external as well internal software audits. With the proper usage of this tool, the administrator can generate different compliance reports and can further verify whether the organization is compliant with security regulations or not. Apart from this, it provides a complete picture of the used and available software licenses through license reports, which help to manage available licenses more here ...


  1. Hi Thanks lepide for sharing this information. Just wanted an update for instance like there are some of the .exe files that are running at my lab. Now at case I dont want that .exe to be configure out. Some services are to be hide, at that level of case if the application capable of doing that soo.

    If yes please let me know the steps and moreover how can be the management be at the supervision level.


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