Get rid of software license compliance issues with asset management tool

As workload increases in organizations number of IT resources considerably increases demanding the need of better resource management and maintenance. As various software are configured every day, it is mandatory to keep regular inventory of software licenses, their renewal policies and compliance standards. An organization cannot optimize its available resources or increase ROI unless it implements a good software asset management approach. One of the major factors obstructing successful software asset management is a lack of software governance. Lack of clear license policies and enforcement measures can encourage unwanted applications to be deployed in the environment which leads to inefficient use of funds and above all raises tickets to large unknown software license compliance risks. 
The problem can be explained more precisely through an example; consider an organization allows users to buy the software products independently of any formal procurement process. Several issues can come forward following the scenario. Firstly, users do not get clear idea about the software strategies and policies which signifies that the software they purchase may often conflict with the real policies of the organization. Moreover, the organization cannot get the original software license entitlement. For undocumented purchase, the organization needs to contact all users to provide entitlements, which is quite impossible in a large scale. The worst thing that can happen is the software piracy. One copy of software may be distributed badly among users which is not acceptable anyway. So there must be a complete solution that can handle all the issues related to software license compliance, standards and license renewal of IT resources. A straightforward approach to avoid such issue is to use commercial asset management software. 
Lepide Software Asset Management tool keeps track of the software installed on multiple workstations around the network, optimizes software licenses, meets license compliance and keeps legal issues away from the company. It also saves a lot of money while enhancing Return on Investment.You should must visit this site for seeing detail


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