Software Asset Management…the key to organization’s success

Commonly known as SAM, software asset management is the process by which organizations are able to easily and effectively manage and control their software applications.

The process of software asset management involves the process of streamlining of IT processes and infrastructure such as planning, implementation, utilization, maintenance, licensing, and disposal of the software assets within an organization.

The asset management software accomplishes the primary task of increasing productivity of an organization. This is made possible because the asset management software helps protect the software investments made by the organization. It does this by tracking the software applications that the organization owns where they are being used, and the efficiency of use. 
Now let’s see as to how do the asset management software helps in improving productivity of an organization? 

The asset management software helps in improving the organization’s productivity in the following manner:

Software Licensing Costs: With the help of asset management tool, the organizations are able to track all matters relating to purchase and renewal of its software licenses such as transfer rights, upgrades, and downgrades. Using this tool, the organization is able to ensure that it purchases or renews only those software licenses that are beneficial to the users thereby saving on costs.

Up-time: Since the organizations are able to enforce maintenance schedules, the software asset management increases the up-time of an organization’s IT infrastructure. As a result, routine updates and software patches are installed in a timely manner thereby reducing the chances of software crashes, and other such similar issues that might cause downtime.

Other Capital Assets: Using a software asset management tool, an organization may be able to easily and effectively manage capital assets such as investments and equipment. This feature is specifically beneficial to small organizations.

Prevent Security Risks: With the help of a software asset management tool, organizations are able to prevent security risks that are associated with unauthorized usage of software, or illegal and unauthorized software.

In a nutshell, we can say that the software asset management tools prove to be very beneficial for small, medium, as well as large organizations.

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  1. Nice post. I am researching on this topic from a developer's point of view. I need to come up with a asset management software for my company's data center. I have a few follow up questions based on your post.
    1. Can you detail a bit more on how does SAM help in increasing the uptime of the organisation's IT infrastructure?
    2. How does SAM manage investments and equipments?
    3. What special considerations one might have to take into account for data center asset management? What assets would it need to track?

    1. Hi,

      It is very important for you to understand that - A software asset management utility provides the most suitable solution to monitor abundant applications installed on each and every system over a particular LAN network. Talking in context of its role that helps in increasing the uptime of the organization’s IT infrastructure, it is a must to have tool for network administrators. In fact, this is one such application that provides complete software audit and license compliance management.

      The fact remains that it is just not easy to maintain software assets on a day-to-day basis. Adding further, administrators also have to go through various difficulties in order to identify any failure or wastage of software resources. Moreover, tracking different software licenses can too get tricky at times. Consequently, the best aspect about SAM is it provides you with a complete portal for software license management, configuration management, compliance management, copyright law management. Every investment you make along with other assets can also be successfully managed with SAM.


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