Increase the ROI with Lepide Software Asset Management Software!

If we count on the number of software being used in a specific organization then the count may reach to some hundreds or even thousands. Maintaining record of each software purchase date, expiry date, updates etc manually may not be very easy to do. Good Software management software helps in optimizing the product purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, up gradation and disposal of software applications at regular intervals within the organization.

Failure to do so may lead to many issues such as loss of time and money. Suppose, the system administrator has requested the organization to buy some fifty licenses of various software that are regularly used in the office. The head manager places order to purchase the software license. When the inventory manager checks out these purchased licenses worth of $2000, he suddenly discovers that out of those fifty licenses, thirty of them are ordered without any requirement at all.

This hampers the growth of organization, leading to loss in productivity and resources. If the administrator fails to keep updated software, there are regular crash reports and error messages disturbing employee’s work. One has to regularly maintain a list of updated and yet-to-be updated products at timely intervals.

Moreover, optimizing the software licenses take a lot of time. When there are hundreds of computers connected in a network, knowing exactly which software is installed at which computer and its update status is not only difficult but also impossible. Either the administrator would miss out some software all together or he may miss out their updated status. At the employee’s end, they are more satisfied to work in an organization where software are up-to-date and running giving least errors and problems.

Manual record keeping and managing the updates of each software separately takes more time and energy. Hence, third party software is preferred. Lepide Software Asset Management software is easy to use and very simple utility to keep records and create reports of entire software present in different computers in an organization.

This software keeps a track of entire software installed, location of installed software, license type, date of installation, expiry date etc. It even checks the software breach and piracy at regular intervals. Not only does this software increase return of investment but also keeps entire software up-to-date. It creates several lists depending on the licenses assigned in RTF, HTML, CSV and PDF format. The software efficiently gathers information, stores it as you want and displays the reports when required. you can get more about.... 


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